Realtor Benefits and New Construction

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Should Buyers use a Realtor when purchasing a home from a builder?  Yes, and here is why…  Full-time Realtors, know the reputation, quality of work and negotiating habits of most area builders.  Realtors don’t represent a single builder or subdivision, so their interest is in finding you the perfect home.  They can point out the pros and cons of different locations, property features, and neighborhoods that a builder representative may not.  They can negotiate on your behalf and help you review builder contracts so you more fully understand the commitment you are making.  Did you know that builders many times will negotiate with Buyers on add-ons, upgrades, closing date, lot price and landscaping?  But, they rarely negotiate on the sales price.   Experienced Realtors know when and how to negotiate on your behalf.  It is prudent to remember that on-site sales agents won't typically initiate negotiates on a Buyer's behalf.
If you are purchasing a TBB (to be built) home the build-out time will be about 6 months to a year depending on the size and neighborhood.  Wouldn't you prefer to have a Realtor as your advocate as you go through this complex process?  To make a point, did you know that you should have a third party frame inspection along with your final inspection?  And, you may even find it helpful to have a foundation inspection.  With so much construction going on in the Austin area, construction workers are in high demand and are scarce.  Trying to keep on schedule can lead to oversights, so third party inspections have become even more important.
I've found that there is a general misconception among people that Realtors are not needed when purchasing a home from a builder.  And, in some cases, people think builders won't work with Realtors.  In reality Realtors and their clients have a wonderful relationship and work very closely with builders here in the Austin and surround areas.