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RealSure is a revolutionary new way to sell and buy real estate that brings sellers more certainty and flexibility than ever before.  A RealSure Cash Offer removes the stress and unknowns of selling your home and buying your next.  A RealSure Cash Offer enables sellers to eliminate the contingency of “Sale of Other Property by Buyer,” when negotiating on a replacement home.  I can get you a cash offer on eligible homes while we market your home to beat that price.  In pricing your home we will leverage a dual pricing strategy to bring certainty that your home will sell for top dollar. Through Real Sure you can sell and buy with confidence with a RealSure Cash Offer!  There are two unique programs:  RealSure Sell gives sellers a 45-day cash offer while continuing to market their home for the best possible price.  RealSure Buy is an added benefit to ensure I can help sellers win and move into their dream home with ease.  Throughout the 45 days, the seller has the choice to accept the RealSure Cash Offer or a third-party offer.  This program is revolutionary and unique to the market today.  I am one of the first agents in the country to be able to offer RealSure to my clients and I cannot wait to share how RealSure is changing the game for how homes are sold and bought.   Reach out today to find out how you might benefit from this program.