Found dozens of homes you love online? Now what?

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So, you have found dozens of homes you love online.  Now what?

It’s nice having options, right? Especially when it comes to purchasing a home.  You can spend hours viewing homes online.  And, you’ve probably compiled a long list of properties you want to tour.

Even though it is exciting to see what’s out there, are you wondering how you will be able to choose a favorite?  Are you becoming overwhelmed with your choices?   Relax, that’s normal.  In fact, research shows that when people have too many options, they have a harder time making a decision and tend to be less satisfied with their selection.  Instead of making such an important decision on your own, there’s an easy way to get there faster:  Hire a REALTOR®.

As an experienced licensed Texas REALTORS® I can help you quickly focus on properties worth seeing and eliminate those that may look good online but don’t actually meet your needs or may not be in the ideal neighborhood for you.  As a Realtor, I have access to current information about whether a home is still on the market, how long that property has been on the market, previous price reductions, archived sold and lease information and I can many times determine if a property is flagged for foreclosure.  Knowing this information helps determine if a seller might be open to negotiation.  You won’t be able to find this information on your own online, and if you could, it would take a lot of your valuable time.  Doesn't it make more sense to contact a Realtor you know and trust.  Please give me a call today if you, or a friend, colleague or family member is in the market to buy a home in the Austin area.  I will always welcome your call.